They start arriving in October to warmer climates such as; Florida or Arizona. (Those seem to be the top two states)

They are starting to get younger, some of them in their mid- to late 50’s.

They usually leave around the middle of April, some are staying through till May.

They usually come back to the same place every year.

They venture to RV parks or Condos that they rent.  Some of them own a second home.

When they return their skin is tanned from the sun.

They usually say, ” I don’t care if I ever see snow again.”

I wonder if I will be a snowbird when I retire???



Spring Break and Spring Training

Every year at this spring break time I find myself heading to the warmer climates.  I usually go to Arizona  or Florida and watch the baseball teams in the Cactus  and Grapefruit Leagues. It is a great time of year for baseball fans who like to watch the future players of their favorite teams

It is fun to go to different stadiums with palm trees or mountains as their back drops while watching the game.   Fans are adorned in their teams attire and there is a sea of that color throughout the stadium.   The warmth of the sun hits our skin to brown it before the summer. The smells of hot dogs and popcorn along with a cold drink.

The sounds of the national anthem, the crack of the bat, the singing of the seventh inning stretch and the fans cheering in their seats seems to bring a smile to my face.    The season is about to begin, “Let’s Play Ball!”


Spring Break and Spring Training

National Puppy Day

Last Thursday was national puppy day!! When I think of Hansel and other dogs many things come to mind:

He is waiting by the window by the door for me to come home.He sees me pull up in the driveway and he starts to do 360 degree circles while his tail is wagging quickly back and forth.

Sitting next to me by the couch holding his head back  as his signal to me to rub under his chin.

He will turn over on his bed with all four legs extended up in hopes that I rub his belly.

Watching as I eat dinner in hopes that a little meal scrap will come his way.

Eager to greet anyone that walks in the door.

He never cares what I am wearing or what I look like on any day, it is that unconditional love that is always there.

Are you ready to adopt a puppy yet??

National Puppy Day

Rituals and Routines

We all know how important routines and rituals are for our students.  I have a few of my own.

Get up everyday M-F at 5:15am (I usually never wake to my alarm)

Hansel goes out right after I get up ( he is used to the routine too)

Leave for work the same time everyday

Make my lunch and iron my clothes for work the night before

Greet Hansel and give him a treat as soon as I get home.

Go outside and play with Hansel after he gets his treat

Double check to make sure all the doors are locked and lights are off when I leave for the day

Walks with Hansel every evening after dinner

Watching the 9 o’clock news before I go to bed

Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday nights

Church on Saturday at 4:00 and I usually sit in the same pew

These are just a few to name.  It may seem compulsive to some, but they certainly are routines to me.





Rituals and Routines

It made my day!!

I got an unexpected call today,

It made my day!!

A former parent Mrs. A—-

Called me : Ms. A and

It made my day!!

I have not seen her in at least 2 years

She called to say hi and see how I was doing

I told her thank you for calling and thinking about me and  I let her know it just made my day!!!

I began to think about all the people we work with through out the years and we  all must make some impact on them.

Thank you Mrs. A— for taking the time to call,

It made my day!!!!


It made my day!!


Tonight is ZUMBA night.  Every Tuesday and Thursday we come together for a fun night of exercise and dance.   The group that attends never exceeds  8 of us and usually it is the same 4 every week.    Most of us are the 50 -60  age group and then we have a few young ones that appear every once in awhile.

Some of us move to the beat with rhythm and other seem to and do their own moves.We have music from all artists as we stretch, walk, shake, balance and laugh the night away. It’s great way to decompress from a busy day.  I think I have found an exercise move that I really enjoy.


Hansel Hates Thunderstorms

Hansel hates thunderstorms,

The crash of thunder makes him shake;

The rumbling that roars through the night  are sure to keep him awake,

The sky is lit up with the might bolt of lightning,

This for him is very frightening.

Atlas the storm is over and he starts to calm down,

With the rain drops on the window and its splitter splatter sound.

Hansel hates thunderstorms.



Hansel Hates Thunderstorms