Do only mothers know best??

I was so excited when I was asked today to babysit my 4 month old great-niece “Ella”.  As requested by her mom, I arrived 30 minutes ahead of time to go through her daily schedule.  Once complete the day was mine with Ella.   I read books to her, played with her little toys “make sure you give her tummy time when playing”, her mom said, sang to her and rocked her to sleep.

During her nap time I noticed the countless Parenting and American Baby magazines lined up on the coffee table ready for me to read while she slept.  Article titles such as ” Raise a Kid with Good Manners”, “Help Your Kids Make Friends” and  “Learn about your Babies Brain”,  struck my interest, so  began to read.

After all that reading with new sprinkles of wisdom in my brain, and while I am sure they have some great tips for new parents,  I realized no need to re-learn what I already know.

  • talk to her
  • read to her
  • sing to her
  • laugh and play with her
  • spend as much time as you can with her

That’s what great aunties know best!!!

Do only mothers know best??

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