Who Rescued Who?? Part One

It’s time for a dog, everyone told me.  Was I ready to embark on this new adventure?? My sister-in-law sent me a picture of this rescue dog that needed a home.   She told me to call the number and to at least make an appointment to meet him.  So I did.

It was a cold and rainy night in November as I headed out on a 25 mile journey to meet him.  The road was dark with no street lights to locate the name of the shelter which was located on a farm.  I passed it several times, with some frustration almost turned around to go home.  At last I found it, a small white sign sticking out of ditch on the road ” All Herder Breeder Rescue” turn here.  As I continued down the street it felt like an adventure on a scary Halloween night.   I parked my car and went into the barn where I saw mutliple cats and a couple of rescue horses.  For a moment I thought, maybe I should get a cat, they aren’t as much work.  They don’t need to go out and they don’t need to be walked.

No, I thought I am here for a dog.  I found the house and knocked on the door a woman in her 60’s opened the door running up behind her was a 5 month old shepherd/lab. He had the  most beautiful color of brown and shades of black on his body.   On the left side of his nose he has a white spot, along with a white spot on the tip of his tail and each of his paws.  It looked as if they were perfectly painted on.  His eyes  the color of a brown crayon.

She said this is “Hansel”.  When he jumped on me, my heart melted.  That night Hansel came home to his ” Forever Home.”

Who Rescued Who?? Part One

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