Take Time for Fun!!!

Someone commented that they wanted to learn more about why I chose recreation enthusiast for my blog sign-in. Here is why– I am a part-time adjunct teacher at a local community college and have been teaching recreation management/recreation therapy classes for the past 19 years.   When people hear about that program they usually comment, “those are the classes that you play in”.  Mmm!! N ot so much, but , yes,  we do have fun and play.  We also learn a lot about how to create programs for people with and without disabilities, and how to educate individuals on learning about their leisure preferences and  leisure lifestyle.

Think about your own Leisure (unobligated time – no work, no other duties), many of us may say ” Leisure- I never have time for that”.  But, when you do hopefully you fill it with lots of recreation time.  Traveling, concerts, going to movies, playing sports, exercise programs, reading, writing,  attending special events, spending time with family, friends, and enjoying the arts……

There are always peaks and valleys in our daily lives and when we have leisure time for ourselves we take heed and enjoy!!!

Do you think about planning your next vacation while traveling back from a vacation?? Do you have scheduled lunch/ dinner dates with friends?? Do you play sports (recreationally or competitively)? Do you enjoy concerts and plays??  If YOU have answered yes to any of these questions then you value  LEISURE time, and know it’s good for the mind, body, and soul.

Consider yourself a RECREATION ENTHUSIAST too!!   In our busy, crazy, not so 9-5 daily work lives –TAKE TIME and MAKE TIME for FUN!!!

Take Time for Fun!!!

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