773-202- ____ ____ ___ ____


When you hear this number what do you think of??

773-202- _____ ____ ____ ____

How about this one??  588-2300

Both are carpet/flooring places.  773-202-LUNA  and 535-2800 Empire

I woke in the middle of the night with these numbers singing in my head.

Now, How’s that for remembering numbers.

I started to think !!!   Hmmm we all have our contacts in our phone.  Do we even know a number by heart if we lost our phone and needed help??? Do we even know our own cell number or land line number( does anyone even have a land line these days??)

I guess I am old-school, I still dial most numbers.  I rarely use my contact list and I can attach a person or place to a number when it pops in my head.

Or is it that I am really trying to test my own memory skills?



773-202- ____ ____ ___ ____

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