My Kind of Town

We all know the City of Chicago is unique with its architecture, Skyline, museums, beautiful lakefront, hot dogs, and pizza.  Adding to the heritage of this great city is the game of “16 inch softball”.

This is a game only played in Chicago.  The game came to be in 1887 when 2 Harvard and Yale Alumni who were visiting in Chicago wrapped a boxing glove and started to hit it like a “ball” with a broomstick.  With that the idea of the ball and game began.  The game evolved as to what would be a sport played in Chicago with men, women and coed teams.

For most raised in this fine city this particular game became a way of life.  For myself, when we were growing up all we needed was the bat, ball and street curbs or sewer covers that were used as our bases.  Of course we also needed our friend to play with.  I have many fond memories of this sport and all the happening of this fine town CHICAGO!!!!


My Kind of Town

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