He’s a Keeper

I  adopted my dog, Hansel, from a rescue.   Upon returning home that evening all the questions I asked about him at the shelter continued to pop up in my head.

How big will he get??  The woman told me no bigger than 40#s.  I thought to myself, I can handle that.  Hansel now weighs 70#s.

Why was he at the rescue, who could not want this cute little puppy??? He was the first to be adopted from a litter of nine , but had to be returned because the child in the family  became allergic to him.

Why was he named Hansel?? Should I change his name??  His twin was named Gretel.  Some of the other puppies were named Bonnie and Clyde,  &  Jack and Jill.  I thought I love the name and it fits him perfectly. ” I am not changing it”!!!

Does he get along with other dogs?  “Of Course” the woman told me.  ” He lives on a farm and runs with other dogs all day”.  I soon found out how much fun he has when he plays with other dogs.

Is he house trained??  He goes right to the door and rings a bell to go out.

Does he get along with kids? He loves kids, he eagerly want to greet them.

Within hours after returning home with him.  I knew he was a “Keeper”.

More HANSEL stories coming your way!!!!

He’s a Keeper

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