Departures and Arrivals

People watching and noticings at the airport are interesting to me.

Happy travelers eager to go to their destination

Anxious travelers waiting for delay updates

Flight changes

Stand-by flyers pacing the floor and hopeful to get on  a flight

Children following behind the parents suitcase in tow, saying “Wait for me”

Patient and not so patient people waiting in security lines

Colorful carry on bags

Some people with ski bags and some people with golf bags

People hurrying to get to their gates

Watching the  screens for arrival and departure times


People with sun tanned faces

it makes me wonder where are people going and where have they been??

Printed boarding passes

People reading their books and reading from their kindles

Boarding announcements

Take off and landing

For me, ending  a trip always starts me thinking of planning my next one.

Departures and Arrivals

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