Two Decades

It is hard to believe that 2 decades ago on this date, my dad died.  So much in the world and in our family has changed since then.

Cell phones were bag phones that you plugged into the lighter in your car.  Now I am carrying 2 phones with me all the times ( one for work and one for personal use).

Our family had 1 great grand-child and now there are 9.

Gas prices were $1.89 a gallon and in recent times spiked to almost $5.00 per gallon.

Grandchildren that were just starting elementary school are graduating from College.

2 children are currently retired.

The SOX won The World Series and the Hawks won 2 Stanley Cups.

I have had 4 different poitiions in my school district since I was a teacher.

I still visit him on his birthday, holidays and at least twice per month.

His wife, eldest son, and one son-in-law are now deceased.

Even though 20 years have gone, some things will always remain the same, how much I miss him and still think about him everyday.

Two Decades

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