Friday the 13th a LUCKY day!!!

Friday the 13th was a lucky day for me and some of our district students..  No, I did not win the lottery!!  But, some of our district students won something even better than the lottery.    For the past 3 years we apply for Day Camp Scholarships for some of out Special Education students.  This means that these students get to attend a 3, 6 or 7 week day camp with lots of RECREATION ACTIVITIES.  To highlight just a few of the activities are; swimming, horseback riding, sports, crafts, field trips, and much more.  This camp is highly specialized to meet the needs of our kids with specific disabilities.

We have 10 students in our district that applied for this camp scholarship.   It was confirmed today that 4 of the 10 students have received  the scholarship.  I will be anxiously waiting to hear in the upcoming weeks about the other students.

When I had stopped at one of our district schools today (Central Park) I was excitedly telling the secretary and the principal about the scholarships.  Without hesitation they immediately said that helping to sponsor a student for camp was going to be their  next project for their weekly drawing of split the pot raflfle with the staff.  They look for a great cause to share the money with.   Talk about Paying it Forward!!!! They are going to help to raise some money to send another student to camp.

After calling the parents and I felt like I won the lottery and yes, it was a lucky Friday the 13th for the parents, students and me!!!!!  I guess with St. Patrick’s day in the near future the “luck of the irish” is upon us.

Friday the 13th a LUCKY day!!!

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