40 Shades of Green

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches us tomorrow I think about Ireland and why it is known for its  40 shades of GREEN.  In Ireland the 40 shades of green refers to it’s abundant lush green land of; mountainsides, landscapes, hills, cliffs, and pasturelands .  GREEN, GREEN, GREEN is the dominant color of the landscape in Ireland.    Some say when you look from afar it looks like varying shades of green.

As I stood amidst the crown at the South Side Irish Parade on Sunday.  I truely saw many shades of green.    Everyone had some presence of GREEN in multi-shades  which were quite apparent.   I saw GREEN shirts, hats, suits, shoes, socks, hair, faces, beads, and even dogs painted green.

So, If you have never been to Ireland, tomorrow is the “Wearin of the Green” day !!  I wonder how many shades of green you will see.

40 Shades of Green

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