Smooth Over Everything

As we start to head into the middle of March, it starts to bring back memories of softball season starting.  Smooth Over Everything is the women’s softball team that I organized in the early 90’s.  I played on different 16 inch softball teams over the course of the years, but by far this was my favorite team.  I organized a team of veteran players from a variety of teams to play just for fun.  What started out as fun nights with softball friends could not keep the competitive edge out of our playing.   We soon became one of the top-ranked teams in our league and went on to compete in tournaments throughout the Chicago land area.   Our team named “Smooth Over”  became a icon symbol to our players as we adopted the sign-off gesture after a key (Smooooth) play.

For three straight seasons the team was undefeated and won first place tournaments in Chicago.   After 6 years the  “Smooth Over” team aged out of playing softball with injured knees & jammed fingers and our players decided to hang up the  spikes and called it quits.

In 2010,  The Smooth Over team was reunited as they was honored at the 16 inch Hall of Fame.  The Smooth Over team of 20 came in full force to the ceremony to be honored that evening as a “League” of our own.  Over the course of the years the team camaraderie was evident and formed life-long friendships.

Do I miss those long weekend tournaments, achy bones, nail biting close games, and teammates???  Absolutely!!  They are some of the best memories of my life.

Smooth Over Everything

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