For the Love of the Game

Tonight I was asked by a group of friends to attend a recognition banquet for one of our fellow friends and softball players.  She was being honored at her high school for her contribution to sports.  Upon the inception of Title IX she founded the girl’s high school basketball team.  Title IX requires gender equity for boys and girls in every educational program which includes sports, and athletics.

She was disappointed that there were not any extra-curriucular sports for girls .  When she went to her principal at the time, she explained that she would love to play girl’s basketball.  The principal responded, ” you will have to start your own team.”  With that ok from the nun her planning began.  Her and a fellow team-mate bought t-shirts  and iron-on felt numbers at K-Mart, they then sold the shirts to anyone that wanted to play.  With that money,they ordered busses , booked games and sold tickets to students to pay for the bus.  The had to talk a teacher into being their coach because administration would not let them go on the bus without a faculty member.  It was the first year of Title IX and the first year they would play basketball full court 5 on 5.  Because of the endeavor and the dedication and success playing the game awarded her a 4 year scholarship for basketball to college.

Women and sports have come a long way over the years.  With her perservence and love of the game she did whatever it took to get the game started in her all-girls’s Catholic High School.


For the Love of the Game

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