Oh the places we can go to write…

I thought about the different writing places I go to do some writing.  I have a work journal that I used to keep at Central Park when I was a principal.  We would write down the out of the ordinary  things that would happen.  I occasionally  glance at through it to remind me of those good ole day.  I read about  the day the girl came to our PE doors and told us she was kidnapped and dropped off by the woods only to find out that she actually wanted by the police. Then  the time the safe would not open the night of parent-teacher conferences and we had to have one of the custodians break in the back wall of a closet.  It was always a reminder that we could get through some difficult out of the ordinary incidents that could happen.  That journal was filled with many Central Park memories.

I also have a cottage journal that we have everyone sign whenever they are there.  It is a must do!!  If you use the cottage you must sign it!!! There are some great memories such as; the time the heat went out  one winter and 15 of us were going up for a ski weekend and the toilets were frozen.  Yikes!!!  Eventually they thawed into the evening.   Then there was the  time when we were out on the lake and within minutes the sky turned black,  wind started to stir up, and the tornado sirens went off.  We headed to the beach to secure the boat and made it in the cottage under the kitchen table just in time.

Then I have a writer’s notebook where I try to jot down writing ideas that come to my mind, all in hopes of being able to create a piece of writing.

I also have a correspondence file  on my desk top at work.   This has my writing samples of parent letters, letters of  recommendations and memos to staff that have been created over the course of many years.

So I guess I  do write alot more than I think I do.

Oh the places we can go to write…

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