“I’m Walking on Sunshine”

While driving to a meeting this morning this song came on the radio, it brought back lots of memories of my college days.  When this song was popular I was working at a special recreation summer camp.  I was the camp director at the time and helped the ED/BD campers choreograph motions to this song.  They then presented their skit to all the parents at our end of the summer parent night.

It reminded me of all the fun things we would do with kids at camp :

  • Driving the campers to and from camp we would sing it in the van.
  • The hot summer days and spending a lot of time at the pool, the campers and staff couldn’t wait to swim.
  • Field trip days- going to fun places like the water parks, museums, zoos and much more.
  • Special event weeks- we would plan all the activities around special event days like; Earth week & 50’s/60’s week, etc.
  • Rainy camp days were even fun, we would do activities indoors with arts & crafts, skits, and even sports.

Certain songs trigger special memories, these  camp days were by far some of my favorite.   Life was much simpler then.

“I’m Walking on Sunshine”

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