“Drop It”

Drop it is a game I play with Hansel everyday.  He loves to play outside and waits patiently for me to say, ” do you want to go outside and play”.  He jumps from his bed in the family room, circles the room once or twice and immediately goes to his toy basket to find a toy he wants to play with.  We start by me throwing the toy in the very long yard and he runs to get it, sometimes he catches it before it hits the ground.  He runs back to me with toy in his mouth.  We play tug of war with it back and forth till I say “drop it” “drop it”.  He drops it right in front of himself.  We play this game of me trying to get it off the ground before him.  His head is looking down but his eyes are watching my every move as I try to get the toy from him.  Once he sees my hand come toward it he immediately puts his paw on the toy to stop me from grabbing it.  I usually have to distract him from the toy and then reach to grab it.  We start the whole game over again for at least 5 or 6 rounds or usually until I am tired.

He really caught on to the game “drop it” pretty quickly.  Once I say the words he immediately drops the toy.  He is one smart puppy!!!



“Drop It”

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