Patent Perfect

Tonight is the 19th Annual 16in Hall of Fame.  There will be over 600 people in attendance to honor players, organizers, teams and contributors to the game, “Chicago’s Game.”  This year I had the honor to nominate a fellow colleague’s grandfather, Albert E. Fegan, who had the patent on the 16 inch softball and indoor baseball.  He had factories in Chicago, Haiti and Florida.  His grandchildren have fond memories of working summers in their grandfather’s factory.  His patent helped to perfect the softball known as “The Clincher” to be used in parks and leagues for competition and recreation enjoyment for thousands for people over many years and many more to come.

All though he is deceased 3 generations of his family with be present tonight to accept his award.  The award is none other than a Gold Bronzed 16inch softball trophy.  Along with the award his patent  is now  present in the Hall of Fame museum and baseball park  in Forest Park, Ill for anyone to come and view.    This honor makes him one of Chicago’s great contributors to the game.


Patent Perfect

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