A Walk in the Park

Hansel loves to take his daily walks. Before we leave  I ask him , “Do you want  to go for a walk” he jumps on me till I get his leash on him and has the biggest smile on his face.  We usually take a 45 minute walk once per day and we usually go early afternoon or at dusk.

We usually follow the same  comfortable routine as we walk to the park.  He leads the way with his ears pointed up and always on alert .  We can feel the warm caressing breeze as we walk in the evening.  We’ve gotten to know some neighborhood dogs and we occasionally take some time to stop and play if we see them.  His favorite friend is Sammy a black lab that is one year older than Hansel.   When they see each other they cannot help but get closer to each other, sniff and they they want to run and play for few minutes.  Sammy’s owner and I always know when they have had enough.  We say our goodbyes and we continue to walk on.

Sometimes on our walks he will see a squirrel and I fear Hansel will want to chase them. They usually  are very quick  and leap into shrubs or bushes.  The last few times that we walked  Hansel has chosen to keep walking rather than the pursuit of the squirrel.   YES!!  I say to myself he is maturing or maybe he just doesn’t see it!!!

A Walk in the Park

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