The Lister

I seem to create lists for just about everything;  a work to do list for the day and the week, grocery list, errand lists, items to get for the cottage list, Birthday card list, X-mas gift lists, and much more. It really helps to keep me focused and feel accomplished.  Instead of creating a bucket list (that seems so final to me) I think about things I would love to do within the next 3-4 years;

Vacation to Paris

Take a hot air balloon ride

Vist  Napa Valley to bike ride and taste wine along the way

Have a cousin’s reunion with long distance cousins I have not seen in years

Redo my backyard with new sod, once Hansel is out of his digging stage

Vacation to the Pacific Northwest

Re-create my perennial garden

Visit the Chicago museums again

Take a spin class

Take tap dance lessons

Take an Italian cooking class

Visit at least 5 more baseball park in the U.S.

Once this list is done, I am sure I will create another one with fun things to do!!

The Lister

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