House hopping on parade day!!!

For over 20 years I have hosted St. Patrick’s day parade day.

75#s of Corned Beef ( a meal I really do not like)

20#s of red potatoes

5# of carrots

10 heads of cabbage

Many loaves of irish soda bread and even more of rye bread with buttter to spread

And of course, one very good friend who would get to my house by 7:00am to help me start the cooking.  It always seemed to fall on the “spring forward” weekend. 

The parade took a sabbatical for one year and it was a good time for us to hang up our aprons and called it day.  My good friend has since moved to Florida, the parade started back up as a family event, and I get to house hop and visit family and friends where there will be plenty of corned beef ,cabbage and CRAC ( an irish term for fun and laughter). The Irish apron still hangs in the same place it always has and yes the irish eyes will be smiling.


House hopping on parade day!!!

One thought on “House hopping on parade day!!!

  1. What a neat peak into your South Side parade day! I’m glad you get to house hope instead of host today. Enjoy your CRAC with friends and family. Did I use that word in a sentence correctly? ??


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