The Lake is Calling

On a recent trip to my cottatge in Michigan I was reminded of a sign that is posted near my cottage.  The sign says, “The Lake is Calling”.

Soon the smell of coconut sun tan lotion and campfires will fill the air

Soon the once calm lake will host boats, wave runners, skiiers, tubers and large waves

Soon the sounds of laughter and catch up conversations will take place with neighbors that have hibernated for the winter

Soon the quiet nights will be taken up by campfire laughter and fireworks

Soon the cottage journal that sits idle all winter will be filled with more memories of family and visitors

Soon the sun will heat up the sky and turn our skin to a bronze color

Soon the trip that normally takes under 2 hours from door to door will increase due to more  cottage dwellers coming back for the summer

Soon the famous “Driftwood” will be scooping ice cream and blending shakes

  The Lake is Calling!!!


The Lake is Calling

2 thoughts on “The Lake is Calling

  1. I can hear that same lake calling me! The thoughts of “Pure Michigan” and “Lake Time” are running through my head. Ice cream at Driftwood sounds delicious right about now! Soon my friend, soon summer will be here to enjoy!


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