The Bunny Hop

Easter was always my holiday to host.  So as my nieces and nephews were growing up I enjoyed hosting Easter with dinner, games, and an egg hunt.  The kids would come in their new Easter outfits, shoes and of course the girls had bonnets.  We would always have a surprise visti from the Easter Bunny, usually one of my older brothers or nephews were selected to dress up for the festivities.  We would start the day with games such as; the egg walk,  pass the carrot( similar to hot potato), musical chairs and finally the egg hunt. The Easter Bunny would lead us in a line doing the bunny hop outside.  When the song was over he would give the kids the signal to hunt for the eggs.  The eggs were usually filled with candy or coins.

My nieces and nephews are now grown and starting to have families of their own.  The past few years have been hosted by others but, i decided to take it on again this year.  I forgot about the bunny hop song until  my one nephew who lives in Va. sent us a video of him doing the bunny hop with his new baby.  I guess by corny games and the bunny hop song was a memory that stayed with him.

The Bunny Hop

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