It is almost here!!

In just over a month my nephew will be graduating from Springhill College in Mobile, Alabama.  I can’t believe it is almost here as memories of him growing up flash before me.

As a little boy he kept us on the go, he was always a busy child with a charismatic smile. He was always full of questions, inquisitive and fearless.  I used to love to take him to the zoo and museums he was the kind of kid that would read  everything there to get his questions answered.

A kind and loving little boy that was sensitive and caring. I remember when he entered a coloring contest for a boy with no arm in his class and helped him color the picture. The boy won the contest!!! He would spend time daily with his grandma telling her stories about his day.

He is determined and devoted to his friends.  He was a junior in high school when his best friend was tragically died.  He decided to switch to the high school his friend attended his senior year in memory of him.  He still remains close the his friend’s parents and they visit him at college too.

He is now a young man a confident leader who has filled our hearts with pride.  Greatness lies within him and which  I can’t wait to see.  If my instincts serve me right he will be true to his convictions in victory or defeat.




It is almost here!!

One thought on “It is almost here!!

  1. Oh, Marsh! First of all I cannot believe your nephew is already graduating!!! I believe he is all those things that you describe here. And, you know what? I also believe that he was molded and helped along the way by his wonderful Aunt Marsha. Seriously, this kid sounds like such a great guy. How proud you must be!!!!
    PS – Thank YOU for joining us this month. I have loved reading your slices. I know you were very busy and this was difficult to fit into your schedule, but you did it!!!! And, we are the lucky beneficiaries 🙂


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