How many are out there?


They hear: I will be there to pick you up so we can spend time together.

They wonder: When will that be?? Where will we go??

They hear: I will get myself together so you can come and live with me.

They wonder: Where will we live?? How long will that be??

They hear: I will call you this week and we will talk then.

They wonder: What day will you call?  Why can’t it be today??

How many children are out there that live in the land of broken promises?

Always wondering…. when it will be????

How many are out there?

3 thoughts on “How many are out there?

  1. The land of broken promises. You are so right. These poor kids. How do we think they are going to grow up to be citizens who contribute to the world in a positive way?? It’s insane.


  2. What a thought provoking piece! It is scary to think that these are the questions that go our students’ minds on a daily basis and then we want them to pay attention and behave. Hopefully we can offer some stability and they know we will be there for them no matter what. Thank you for sharing!


  3. The land of broken promises…what a sad place to for a child to be. Your use of a seesaw structure and the simplicity of your language effectively establish a child’s point-of-view. So many of our children are dealing with so much. Your slice reminds me to be more patient.


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