Play Date!!!

It’s a play date  day for Hansel and Riley, they are dog cousins.  A couple of times of week they are brought together for their social play dates.

Riley exits the car to the back yard, Hansel is eagerly waiting by the back door.  Once the door is opened he bolts out to greet Riley.

They circle around the yard Hansel chasing Riley, dodging in and out of the trees. Hansle never seems  to catch up to her.  They will eventually take a break and lap up some water only to resume their play.  Once they have worked up an appetite the come to the door and go right to treat cabinet waiting , sitting nice and tall with their heads held high, patiently for their few biscuit treats.  They will return outside to continue their play or to bask in the sun.

After a few hours of hard play, I know they are done.  Hansel retreats to his bed and Riley lays by the front door waiting to return home.

Play Date!!!

2 thoughts on “Play Date!!!

  1. This slice is just one big yellow sun of pure joy! Two dogs playing with the abandon of a couple of children. So sweet. I feel like I was standing by your back door watching this whole thing play out. 🙂


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