It made my day!!

I got an unexpected call today,

It made my day!!

A former parent Mrs. A—-

Called me : Ms. A and

It made my day!!

I have not seen her in at least 2 years

She called to say hi and see how I was doing

I told her thank you for calling and thinking about me and  I let her know it just made my day!!!

I began to think about all the people we work with through out the years and we  all must make some impact on them.

Thank you Mrs. A— for taking the time to call,

It made my day!!!!


It made my day!!

One thought on “It made my day!!

  1. I wonder, if people (parents) knew just how much it meant to us when they called us would they do it more often? It is so very meaningful!!!! I’m so glad Mrs. A. took the time to call you – you deserve it!!!


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