National Puppy Day

Last Thursday was national puppy day!! When I think of Hansel and other dogs many things come to mind:

He is waiting by the window by the door for me to come home.He sees me pull up in the driveway and he starts to do 360 degree circles while his tail is wagging quickly back and forth.

Sitting next to me by the couch holding his head back  as his signal to me to rub under his chin.

He will turn over on his bed with all four legs extended up in hopes that I rub his belly.

Watching as I eat dinner in hopes that a little meal scrap will come his way.

Eager to greet anyone that walks in the door.

He never cares what I am wearing or what I look like on any day, it is that unconditional love that is always there.

Are you ready to adopt a puppy yet??

National Puppy Day

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