The boy in the shop

The boy in the shop is there with his parents.

Parents who are immigrants from Vietnam, they are here for opportunity and to have a better life.

The boy in the shop comes there right after he finishes his school day.

He works on his homework at the unoccupied manicure table.

The boy in the shop spends his summer days, long summer days there.

He plays on his video game or watches movies in the back room.

The boy in the shop watches the ladies come in and now greets us by saying ,”hi” and “pick your color”.

The boy in the shop spends his weekends there from 8:00am to 8:00pm now he is able to take the cash or run the credit card machine.

The boy in the shop is now 12.  He has been coming to the shop with his parents for over 8 years.   He hears the customers say , ” I knew you when you were this big” (as they measure their hand to their waist).

The boy in the shop is here with his parents, here in America for a better life!!


The boy in the shop

Green Day!!

Yes, it is Green Day-St. Patrick’s Day where everyone no matter what race or ethnicity seem to be Irish!!  People of all ages, shapes, & sizes are wearing green.  Green shirts, green hair, green faces and even green beer.

Are they wearing green in hopes of the luck of the Irish?? Maybe for the petal on the shamrock the will bring  a wish their way.  Or the the 4 leaf clover to bring luck, health and happiness.

Whatever it may be it is St. Patrick’s day and and everyone have the Irish spirit in hopes that their blessings outnumber their troubles.  However, some may think if you are lucky enough to be Irish then you are lucky enough.

Green Day!!

Drafts, Drafts, Drafts

I have many writing drafts going on right now. Drafts about Hansel, Zumba, Sleepless nights, and Hansel again.  I can’t seem to finish them.  They are started on my word press sight, bits of paper in my office at work and home, and  my writer’s notebook .  I start them but maybe I am thinking too hard about how to finish them.  Perhaps my writing my writing block will go away or I will have a spark so I can complete them.  Until then….

Drafts, Drafts, Drafts

Spring Forward

The clocks are turned ahead;

I am wondering why it was so hard to get out of bed;

An hour earlier the day has begun;

But that means the longer days may have the light of the sun.

Spring forward means that soon we will see

flowers blooming, birds chirping and  warmth ahead.

Summer will soon be here !  Yippee!!


Spring Forward

‘Tis the season to be green

Today was the annual South Side Irish parade.  This annual parade is a spring(ish) green tradition for those who are Irish and even those that aren’t.  Many people lined the curbs of Western Ave. in green hats, green faces and even green hair.  Everyone eagerly waiting for the floats, bagpipers, Irish dancers, Irish music , high school bands, and even dogs decorated in GREEN.  The parade kicked off with The Chicago Stockyard Kilty Band and the South Side Line up ended with a drum and bugle band.  104 participants for parade goers to view.  In this week of the season that we call GREEN.

‘Tis the season to be green

Play Date!!!

It’s a play date  day for Hansel and Riley, they are dog cousins.  A couple of times of week they are brought together for their social play dates.

Riley exits the car to the back yard, Hansel is eagerly waiting by the back door.  Once the door is opened he bolts out to greet Riley.

They circle around the yard Hansel chasing Riley, dodging in and out of the trees. Hansle never seems  to catch up to her.  They will eventually take a break and lap up some water only to resume their play.  Once they have worked up an appetite the come to the door and go right to treat cabinet waiting , sitting nice and tall with their heads held high, patiently for their few biscuit treats.  They will return outside to continue their play or to bask in the sun.

After a few hours of hard play, I know they are done.  Hansel retreats to his bed and Riley lays by the front door waiting to return home.

Play Date!!!


We woke up to a sunny day today,

Rays of light shine on, shine on,

Nothing can take away the beauty of the sun,

Amid its warmth and golden rays,

For today, we hope it will continue to shine,

until the moon takes its place for the night.